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Why, where and when

It seems that every story should start by identifying a few key points.

I've chosen the why, where and when.

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When – six months into a pandemic that has reshaped the lifestyle of millions of people, on a late September afternoon. Although I've had my hands full with website design, headers, banners and menus for a few weeks now.

Where – in my living room, in London, which has been doubling as my office in the last few months. I am among the lucky ones who didn’t have to make many adjustments to their lifestyle.

In some respect, you could say that working from home has made my life much better. I've always been a morning person. But instead of spending (wasting?) those hours of the morning on my commute to work, now I have time to go running. Have a shower. Read a book on the balcony while sipping my first coffee of the morning. And be ready to login into my work laptop at 8.30 am.

Why – this seems harder to pin down. I've always loved books, I translate books, I read books, I write stories (shush, don't tell anyone!). And at some point in the past few months, I felt the need to create something I would enjoy... as an outlet. Something I couldn't find around on the Web. A place of my own, where I could go and hang out when I needed a break from life. A cosy space where I could share what I like to read or write about. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you've bumped into this blog by accident, I hope you stay on.

Read, comment, suggest. Share your favourite books and quotes; your reading habits and coffee recipes. And take a tiny respite from life.

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