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Translation & Proofreading Services

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Translation Services

I've been a translator for the publishing industry for more than twenty years.

I have a strong grammar background, both in English and Italian, and an eye for spotting inconsistencies.

Each book is different, each author has their own voice.

If you are a self-publishing author and want to bring your voice to the Italian market, do get in touch. I charge per editorial page, but I am happy to explore other flexible options. Drop me an email if you wish to discuss or request a quote.

Proofreading Services

If you are looking for someone to proofread your book or text, in either English or Italian, please get in touch. I charge per word and will focus my edits on:

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling (including spelling inconsistencies, verb tenses inconsistencies and sequence of tenses)

  • Rewording of awkward phrasing and sentences

  • Spelling inconsistencies (e.g.: ise or ize)

  • Word choice

  • Plot, timeline, character and setting inconsistencies

  • Point of view issues

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